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DAP Psychotherapy Note Templates - 3 Free Word Format

D-Templates - DAP Psychotherapy Note Templates | Not only DAP Notes, we also have Psychotherapy Progress Notes which are both private health records. These two types of medical records you can not own and you submit to anyone freely. This means the company can not ask you to submit a psychotherapy record during your patient record audit. Patients have no right to examine or obtain a copy of psychotherapy records. However, there is an emergency that requires you to submit the medical records. This applies when :
  • A court order requiring you to show or submit your medical records
  • Administrative requests from the government for civil investigations or similar purposes under the law.

Simple DAP Notes Template

DAP Note Template Mental Health

Psychotherapy Progress Note Template
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The psychotherapeutic record serves as a medium of mental health documentation or analysis conducted during personal counseling sessions or group counseling sessions. Psychotherapy notes are not part of the prescription and monitoring of drug use, but can be in any form.

For medical purposes, you can download both types of medical records. But we only provide examples only. 

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